Recognizing When Your Marriage Needs Therapy 

Many people find that their marriage is in trouble, but only after realizing it’s been in trouble for a long time.¬† Sometimes by the time couples seek therapy, they aren’t even really looking for help. They seem to be looking for permission to get divorced. Waiting too long to get help can be detrimental.

Sometimes people just develop an attitude of acceptance that their marriage is bad and they assume everyone else’s is too.¬†They assume they will just remain unhappily married. However, over time, they grow increasingly dissatisfied with life, and not just the marriage. Then, eventually, they decide they can’t take it anymore. However, by then, sometimes their feelings toward their spouse have become hardened and their behaviors toward their spouse have been quite unkind.

Other times, people say they just didn’t realize how bad things had gotten. Perhaps they assumed they were just busy raising the children or busy furthering their education. Or maybe they blamed their work schedules. But then, it hits them that their marriage isn’t what it used to be.

The stress of having an unhealthy marriage can cause problems in other areas of life. This can contribute to a cycle of ongoing stress and increased dissatisfaction in life. People who feel this way don’t make very good partners. And this causes the marriage to deteriorate even further.

The longer it takes for you to seek help for your marriage, the more damage will be done to the relationship. The more damage that has been done, the more work it will take to repair. If you are on the fence about seeking help, consider the risks and benefits. What are the consequences of seeking help? What might the consequences be of not seeking help?

If your spouse refuses therapy, seek therapy for yourself. Often, one person can make changes that help the relationship function better. There’s a variety of options available for treatment as well ranging from online resources, books and couples counseling.

4 Responses to “Recognizing When Your Marriage Needs Therapy”

  1. I agree, the sooner distressed couples can get to couple-counseling the better. The best relationship science proves that “marital contempt” can build up very quickly and that it predicts divorce with almost 100% certainty.

  2. The couples can get a help before or during the marriage. As counseling focuses on solving the problems in a short time, it is convenient to find solutions immediately that the couples are experiencing.

  3. If you feel like your marriage is not anymore capable of being resolved by both of your own ways, do not just let it be ruined and look for some other alternatives like a therapy for sake of the relationship and other things involved to its essentiality, especially for the heart. Things can still be patched up if both parties are willing, I believe so.

  4. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Therefore, it needs continuous counseling especially if you and your partner in most times are arguing. Protecting your rights and the love in the family is really a best idea for every family.

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