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Developing Your Listening Skills

People often have difficulty really listening to their partner. Listening requires more than simply remaining quiet while the other person is talking (although many people struggle with doing just that). Truly listening to the other person means paying attention to what they are saying. Listening is a skill that many people struggle with and this […]

Living According to Your Financial Values

Many families struggle to pay the bills each month. The American dream says we should work hard so we can afford a house, a car, and lots of nice things. Then once we have some equity in our house, we should upgrade to a bigger house and take out a new 30-year mortgage.  We should […]

Is Marijuana Impacting Your Relationship?

Cannabis, or marijuana, is considered a “natural herb” by many who smoke it.  However, research shows that marijuana has many negative consequences. Consequences may include legal problems, financial problems, physical health issues, and mood instability. Like with alcohol or any other drug, marijuana can create a variety of marital issues. People who smoke marijuana more than three times per week […]

Having Fun Together As A Family

Having fun together helps build relationships within the family. Sometimes parents have difficulty letting go and just enjoying the moment. Stress of financial problems, work, and household responsibilities get in the way of just having fun. Sometimes only one of the parents seems devoted to spending time having fun while the other parent gains the […]

Signs of Verbal Abuse Within the Marriage

Verbal abuse can be a more subtle form of abuse that may be more difficult to recognize at times. It may include outright name calling, swearing, and threats, or it may involve other tactics to make the other partner feel bad. It impacts people’s feelings of self-worth, can make the person feel crazy, and sometimes […]

Is Computer Addiction Impacting Your Marriage?

Although computer addiction is not yet a recognized official mental health diagnosis, emerging research shows it is an addiction similar to a gambling addiction. The addiction is sometimes referred to as an internet addiction, cyber addiction, or internet addictive disorder. People with a computer addiction may be looking at pornography or may be playing games, blogging, using […]

Talk About Marriage – Free Marriage Advice

In case you’re looking for some free advice, and you haven’t yet made the decision to go forward with real therapy or marriage counseling, I want to introduce you to a website we started 4 years ago. Talk About Marriage ( was started so the public would have an open, supportive forum where they could […]