Has Unemployment Affected Your Marriage? 

Unemployment has a range of effects on people. Some take it in stride while others become seriously depressed. Unemployment also places a serious pressure on the finances of those affected. Add a spouse, children, credit card debt, and a mortgage to the mix and the end result can be a real strain on the marriage.

There are many counselors who would point at the financial effects on a family as being of most concern. In reality, money is money and there are different solutions to money woes. The effect that unemployment has on the emotional side can be far more serious. Little things often become serious issues – for example, a husband suddenly being at home every day will upset the wife’s routine. If he is moping around feeling down in the dumps, it will be hard to resist being dragged down with him.

One of the problems that arises from this situation is the loss of motivation and self belief. The longer that person stays out of work and the more rejections they get when applying for employment, the deeper that loss of motivation and self belief becomes. A person’s whole demeanor becomes negative, and this can impact on their ability to perform at interviews – so prolonging the effect.

Counseling can help a family deal with these issues. Counseling can also help the individual deal with their loss of employment and the impact that rejection has. Being able to lift that individual’s self confidence will see a turn around in motivation and the ability to perform well when applying for job vacancies.

While unemployment does seriously impact on marriages, counseling can turn this impact around and enable couples to use it to their advantage. There are a lot of people back at work and functioning normally, simply because they took the time to undertake counseling with their family. If you’re unemployed, considered counseling to get your life back on track.

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