The Benefits Of A Healthy Happy Marriage 

We enter into relationships for a variety of reasons – companionship, love, and to be part of a family are just a few. Healthy happy marriages actually bring a lot of benefits to the couple, benefits that single people could not even imagine. If you’re married, think about whether or not you can relate to these:


    Happy married couples tend to be healthier, live longer, and generally feel good about themselves and the world around them


    We don’t talk about assets, however, happily married couples tend to collect more assets than single people. Two incomes obviously helps while couples tend to plan and work towards specific goals.


    Couples have virtually twice the social network of singles, especially when it comes to family. For most couples, the moment they marry they double their family base. Despite all the in-law jokes, that larger extended family is important.


    Married couples tend to engage in sex more often than singles. Regular sex is actually a healthy part of life.


    Yes, you could have a pet, but it’s not the same. With a pet, you don’t receive any of the above benefits. We’re social animals who thrive on having a mate. Someone to share successes with and someone who can console you when you don’t succeed is important for your emotional health.

If you’re married and you feel you are not reaching your full potential when it comes to some of these benefits, sit down and consider why. Are you really happy? Is your marriage really healthy? If you have any doubts, consider talking to a marriage counselor. If there are problems, they can help you work your way through them. It’s worth the effort when you consider some of the benefits of a happy and healthy marriage.

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