How Taking a Vacation Can Help a Marriage 

The average American loves taking vacations. Unfortunately, most of us can only get away once a year. Taking a vacation with your partner  is simply not an option. You need the time away from the stress of everyday life at least once a year, if not twice.  I’d like to share the top reasons why I believe that vacation is just NOT an option. Whether you choose to vacation with the entire family, or with just your significant other, these points apply to everyone:

Vacationing gives you and your partner a chance to reconnect. Often times, we get too caught up in our day to day routine that we often lose sight of the little things that make life, and our relationships, special. Also, with TV, internet, and other distractions it is easy in “real life” to spend far less time together. Taking a vacation forces you to focus on each other—in a good way

Vacationing gets you out of your daily routine-which, lets face it, can sometimes be too routine. Going away gives you freedom from all of the monotonous tasks you face on a daily basis.

Vacationing enables you to de-stress while truly being away from it all

Relaxation. Let’s face it: Americans are great at their careers and taking care of their families, but we are not so great on taking time to relax. Relaxation is key in practicing self care, and managing things like anxiety and depression. Not surprisingly, the U.S. is a nation with one of the fewest amount of vacation days offered by employers. We need relaxation and vacation in order to be more productive-not only at work but at home as well.

Vacationing gives you a break from the anxiety and stress that daily chores, work, and family responsibilities can cause.

You may be thinking, especially in this economy, that a “staycation” (taking time off from work, but staying home, using that time to run errands or fix up the house, etc.) is just as good as a going away vacation. However, I disagree. A “staycation” is not a true vacation. I am not suggesting you spend thousands of dollars on a luxury trip—you could easily drive to the next closest city or town and stay at a motel—the important thing is to have time away from home and away from all the things that stress you out every day. You will come back refreshed and ready to tackle life. Your kids will thank you, your spouse will thank you. But most importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

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