Keeping the Conversation Interesting 

    After being with your partner for years, there is a certain level of comfort that develops. Although it is great to feel comfortable within the relationship, it can make it difficult to stay emotionally connected. It can take some extra attention to stay emotionally connected as time goes on. Part of staying emotionally connected means you have to find ways to keep the conversation interesting.

    It’s likely that early on in the relationship you may have stayed up late, talking about anything and everything, and enjoying one another’s company. Then as years pass, people tend to spend less time just talking. Instead, the stress that comes with everyday life and the responsibilities of paying bills, caring for children, and managing a household can interfere.

    It may also feel like you’ve run out of things to talk about. By now, you know most of your partner’s past stories that are funny and interesting. You may have even heard them more than once. You know your partner’s views on religion and politics. You may feel like you know it all.

    So then, what’s left to talk about? There’s the day to day happenings about what happened at work or what someone said. Or maybe something funny you saw on television. But beyond that, there might not be much conversation.

    This is where the need to work on staying emotionally connected comes in. It’s important to take time out to talk and to still have interesting things to talk about. This might require you to find subjects to bring up with your partner to spark some new and intriguing conversations.

    Consider discussing current affairs together. Watch the news and talk about it. Talk about your hopes and dreams and create goals together. You might learn that your partner has always dreamed about owning a sailboat. If so, talk about what would need to happen in order to make that a reality. Some couples enjoy reading a book together and then talking about it. Consider taking a class together. Learning new things can spark some interesting conversations as well.

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  1. To keep the interest of one another, try to make interesting conversation at least on each day, to remember some things once in a while. Talking about matters with no sense is just as useless as to being silent and talking no more. It would make his or her mood out on either way and that conversation will be wasted out.

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