When Psychological Problems Interfere with the Marriage 

Having a healthy and happy marriage can be more difficult when there are psychological problems interfering. There’s a variety of psychological problems, ranging from mild to severe, that can cause increased stress to the relationship. Learning how to deal with those psychological problems is important.

Psychological problems that can impact a relationship may include a diagnosed mental illness. Depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, or other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can put a strain on any relationship. If one or both people in the relationship has been diagnosed with a mental illness, it is important to seek treatment. It is also important for both partners to be involved with treatment.

Other psychological issues that may impact a marriage may include past trauma. A person who has been abused, had a near death experience, or who has survived combat may have difficulty in a relationship. Trauma can include emotional, physical or sexual trauma and, for many, the impact can be lifelong.

Trauma can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from nightmares, isolation, flashbacks, and difficulty relating to others. It is important for people who have been traumatized to receive treatment as soon as possible. Post-traumatic stress disorder is treatable but when left untreated, the symptoms can get worse.

Most psychological problems can be treated with medication, therapy, or a combination of the two. A supportive partner who is very involved with treatment can make a big difference. A spouse who learns about the illness and learns how it is treated is much more able to be more supportive than a spouse who doesn’t become involved.

It can be hard to have a healthy relationship if one person is not healthy emotionally. If your marriage is struggling with psychological issues, talk openly with one another. Discuss your concerns in a respectful and caring way. It can be hard to hear from your spouse that your psychological issues are interfering with the marriage. However, if you are supportive and offer to help your spouse deal with these issues together, it can be a welcomed relief.

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