Has Your Relationship Suffered The Christmas Curse 

There is an interesting study that has been done that followed relationship bust ups as reported on Facebook. It seems we are not shy when it comes to telling the world that our relationships are coming to, or come to, and end. What is interesting is the trend as to when relationships break up – it seems that the period just before Christmas and around Valentine’s Day have almost double the number of relationship failures. Why is this so?

We can surmise many different reasons. I have read some that sound absolutely ridiculous and some, while sounding a little odd, could have some substance to them. Here are a couple of the reasons offered:

Save money – this has to be the strangest reason for ending a relationship. Do it before Christmas, a birthday, or Valentine’s Day and you will save money.

In-Laws theory – now this theory does hold a little more water. In-laws have always been seen as problem areas, especially if couples come from different social groups.

Fear of Commitment – for those couples who are in a relationship but have not yet tied the not, the commitment theory is very plausible. During the year, things are fine. Come Christmas, it’s time to meet the parents and the rest of the family. That starts to sound like a permanent relationship and those who are not ready to commit suddenly find reasons why they can’t meet the family – or simply end the relationship.

The Christmas Curse has been around for a long time. It doesn’t just affect those in a short-term relationship; it also affects those who are married as well. Marriage often helps to prevent a complete bust up of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t put a lot of strain on the couple.

Marriage counselors tend to find their services are in most demand shortly after holiday periods like Christmas. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another couple or two. If you have been affected by the Christmas Curse, contact a counselor today – they can help you get your marriage back on track.

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