Injecting Romance Into A Relationship 

While marriage counseling spends a lot of time dealing with issues within a relationship, one of the interesting aspects is that which involves romance. When a relationship starts to turn a little frosty, romance is one of the first aspects to be pushed aside. Romance is also one of those aspects of a relationship that tends to go stale over time. In general, we all need to inject a little more romance into our lives. Here are four areas you can look at to help you boost the romantic side of your relationship.

Rediscover the language of love

Love has a language all its own, a language we all need to learn. In what way does your partner appreciate love? Is it in words, deeds, affection, gifts, or time? Rediscover your partner’s language and ply it when they least expect it. It can work magic.

Feel the mood of love

Romance is all about atmosphere, but you have to know when the atmosphere is right. You can of course try and manipulate the atmosphere – a candle-lit dinner, a romantic walk in the park. Feel the mood and appreciate it – don’t ignore it.

Be spontaneous

Acting on the spur of the moment can be very romantic, so long as your spontaneity is appropriate. A bunch of flowers as you’re walking down the road with your partner (and don’t be afraid to give HIM flowers either), sneaking a kiss when alone in a lift, or wearing something sexy, just for him (or her).

Understanding timing

Timing is everything. If your partner is stressed with a deadline to meet, help them achieve it, even if it means leaving them alone. Once they do complete the task, surprise them with a reward of some description – even if it’s just a big hug and a welcome drink. Being romantic can be spontaneous, but we all have times that are ‘just not right’. Learn to read them, and you will know when a romantic act will have its best effect.

We all need a little more romance in our lives. Try a couple of those tips – who knows, it may inject some new life in to your relationship.

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  1. I love your emphasis on sharing loving feelings with your partner. That’s the best way to strengthen a marriage. Thanks for a great article!

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