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Wisdom About Teenage Girls

Very recently I heard an interview on the Australian Broadcasting Company with Michelle Mitchell.  She talked about teenage girls—what they think and how parents can best work with them. As you will see, she has researched these girls in Australia, which shows how common these patterns are. I want to share her thoughts with you […]

Coping with a Spouse with a Mood Disorder

Mood disorders refer to various depressive disorders and bipolar disorders. Coping with a spouse who has a mood disorder is similar to living with a spouse who has a life-long physical health condition, such as diabetes. For some people, depression can improve and the person does not experience any further episodes of depression. Other types […]

Counseling for Financial Problems

Money is one of the biggest sources of stress for most couples. Yet, most couples don’t ever seek any help for financial problems.  Often, people say they aren’t sure who to even turn to. Most people feel they can question therapy help with financial problems. For people who have straightforward financial questions, it likely makes […]

Dealing with Feelings of Jealousy

The news has been sharing stories about states legalizing the use of GPS tracking devices to track your spouse’s whereabouts. It’s an interesting concept that a person would go so far to check up on their partner that they would track their movements. People who feel jealous sometimes exhibit desperate behaviors to see if their partner is […]

The Conversation with Your Aging Parent(s)

At some point, you need to talk to your aging parents about everything—their plans, their desires, their assets, their past.  You can’t delay the conversation. Here are some of the topics you need to cover and some tips on how to proceed. You first need to think about your relationships with your parents.  I’m speculating […]

Expectations about Marriage

As people grow up and view married couple’s relationships, they develop beliefs about married life. These lead to the development about expectations of marriage. These expectations and beliefs can impact how we behave and react during the marriage. Someone who grew up seeing happy, healthy relationships all around may expect that marriage life creates happiness. […]

Fighting in Front of the Kids

Everyone’s heard that you “shouldn’t fight in front of the kids.” However, is this really sound advice? Without ever doing so, how do the kids learn how to resolve conflict. Parents always tell kids, “don’t fight with your brother” or “stop fighting with your sister.” Kids are told not to do it and parents don’t […]

Am I My Avatar?

There have been many news stories of late about the dangers of Internet addiction.  I recently wrote about sexual relationships.  That post struck a chord with many of you. Are there other dangers?  Let’s proceed carefully… As with any other kind of medium, there’s a research that suggests that certain kinds of computer interactions can […]

What to Expect from Marriage Therapy

Despite the negative consequences of divorce, many couples don’t ever attempt marriage counseling prior to divorcing. Often, the fear about not knowing what to expect makes people shy away from attempting therapy. It can be helpful to know what to expect from therapy prior to scheduling an appointment. It is important to find a therapist […]

Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side can impact all areas of your life, including your relationships. Many people have the mentality that life would be better if… These sorts of thoughts can ensure that you will feel less satisfied with your current situation. Some people think, “My life would be […]

Where’s The Sex?

Do we all have the same sex drives throughout our lives?  What happens when we’re a couple and one person wants more sex?  What happens when one person no longer wants sex?  These are crucial issues for each person and for both people inside the relationship.  Let’s proceed carefully, with sensitivity. Begin with one person […]

Ridiculing and Making Fun of Your Spouse

Almost everyone has witnessed someone making fun of their spouse. Although the person may do so in a joking or teasing manner, it can still be awkward to witness. Sometimes a person tends to pick on a spouse in public. Other times it happens behind closed doors. Ask yourself if you are ever guilty of […]

Preparing Your Family For A Trip To Another Country

So you’re thinking of taking your family to another country?  What should you do to prepare your kids for this trip?  Let me suggest some ideas for your offspring.  I’m going to try to fit these ideas for kids of different ages.  I will tell you what my wife and I did. If you tell […]

Flip a Coin to Resolve a Conflict

As ridiculous as it sounds, sometimes problems within the marriage can be solved by flipping a coin. If there’s an issue that needs to get resolved sooner rather than later and a discussion about it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, this method can be helpful. Obviously, you won’t want to use this method to […]

Taking Turns Handling Responsibilities

Sometimes couples argue about the same things over and over. It isn’t productive when people argue about the same things without making any changes. It can be helpful to switch responsibilities sometimes as an attempt to turn things around and make some changes. Switching things up can sometimes be enough to help solve the problem. For […]

Parenting: Setting The Bar For Appropriate Behavior

Parents, do you know what age appropriate behavior is?  Do you know how to help your teen behave appropriately?  Do you know what kind of activities s/he should be doing?  Do you know how to be effective in enforcing rules?  Here are some suggestions. First, remember you were once a teenager.  Try to remember what […]

What To Do If Your Spouse Has a Phobia

A lot of people have phobias. To people who don’t have a phobia, it can be hard to understand. People develop phobias about a variety of things such as spiders, elevators, heights, blood, or airplanes. A phobia becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with a person’s daily life. For example, a person who is afraid […]

Why do we argue if it doesn’t work?

Arguing just doesn’t work.  We all believe that we are logical and therefore a logical argument should work.  When was the last time in the middle of an argument that you provided a very logical reason why you are right and your spouse just stopped and agreed with you?  Time is up.  Couldn’t think of […]

Can One Person Change a Marriage?

Unfortunately, there are times in a marriage when one person is unhappy in the relationship. Yet, when asked how the person’s spouse feels about the marriage, the other spouse is often content with the way things are. So then the question becomes, can one person making changes make a difference in the relationship? Sometimes when a […]

Traveling with Younger Kids—Some Ideas

Traveling with younger kids can be a trial.  But the verdict can be favorable to the whole family—here are some tips. For those who can afford it, many newer cars have entertainment centers in the back for children.  Not that the children aren’t already amusing themselves with all sorts of handheld devices, which cost substantially […]