Can Having a Hobby Improve My Marriage? 

In today’s fast-paced world, many people report being busier than ever. People often say they have little to no free time, and most people report not having a hobby. Instead, people report being overworked, stressed out with household chores, and lacking opportunities to spend time doing something they enjoy.

Most people tend to think that they don’t have time to have a hobby and don’t place much importance on having one.  However, something as simple as having a hobby can actually improve your marriage. Having a hobby can increase your life satisfaction and overall happiness. It can decrease your stress and decrease your irritability.

Imagine a woman who is dissatisfied with her marriage. She spends the majority of her time taking care of household duties and the children. In the evenings, she spends time watching television and spending some time on the internet. She and her partner don’t talk a lot and they argue a fair amount about household chores and money. She feels overwhelmed much of the time as she works full time and tries to take care of the household tasks.

Imagine the same woman taking a photography class. She’s always been interested in photography and a friend happily joins her for the class. They even go to dinner together prior to the class and talk about their new hobby. When she returns home in the evening, she feels happy and energized. She looks forward to the night she has class and works harder getting household chores done the other nights of the week. She spends less time on the computer and less time watching television. She feels less overwhelmed and excitedly talks to her husband about her new passion. He notices she is in a better mood and he feels like spending more time with her, which improves their relationship.

Having something in life that energizes you and that you feel passionate about is likely to make you a happier person. Finding a balance in life that allows you to spend some time working on your hobby is important. You may find it gives you more energy and makes you a better partner. So start thinking about what hobbies might excite you. Whether you’d like to do some volunteer work, create some crafts, fix up an old car, or play a sport, engage in a hobby.

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