Is Saving Your Relationship Worth One Counseling Session? 

One-Session Couples Counseling can be highly rewarding and effective.

A half-day intensive can be a satisfying and empowering experience when seemingly unsolvable conflicts have been piling up and igniting into explosive arguments,
when there has been infidelity, or when one partner wants to leave.  Repairing a relationship on the rocks deserves ample time to get to the heart of the matter, to recover from the
devastation, and to build a stronger relationship.  There is ample time to learn and practice new skills, set goals for the changes you desire, and go home with a plan.

While many couples choose a half-day intensive because they are in crisis, others just want to get a jump-start on turning their relationship around.  Some are unable to
come on a regular basis because of lack of time or finances.  All welcome the opportunity to have a long block of time to work through their issues,  Many travel three or four hours to reach our office and leave feeling excited and eager to practice their new skills. This in-depth counseling session is private and tailored specifically for you.

Experience what many couples have found to be a satisfying, comfortable, cost-effective, time-efficient way to nourish and heal their relationship. For intensive marriage counseling in Philadelphia and surrounding areas contact Jacqueline Summers or Arlene Foreman.

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