Organize Your House and Improve Your Relationship 

Can cleaning the house really improve your marriage? In many cases, it can. Do you ever find that you and your spouse argue about misplaced items? Do you ever accuse your spouse of throwing away important items or documents? Do you feel like you waste a lot of time looking for things?

For some couples, being disorganized has become a sort of way of life. In any relationship, people have different tolerance levels for disorganization. It can cause arguments and conflict if one person feels the other person isn’t carrying their fair share of the load. They may not realize the toll it takes on them over time. Perhaps they have become used to their lifestyle.

If you get sick of making a mad dash to clean the house when company comes over or if you have to clear out the guest room before having guests, talk to your partner about what you can do to get more organized. Start with small projects. Clean off a desk. Organize a room. Get financial documents in order. Create a filing system. Throw out broken and worn out items. Have a garage sale or donate other items to charity.

Having a clean and orderly house helps people to think more clearly. It can also help people to feel less stressed. People tend to sleep better when they have a clean bedroom. It’s easier to cook in a clean kitchen. Laundry is simpler when clothes are in a hamper and when there’s an organized closet to hang the clothes in. Sometimes having a disorganized home makes people always feel like they should be cleaning but it’s hard to get much accomplished.

Feeling more organized can help both of you feel less distressed and more comfortable in the home. Less stress and less wasted time looking for things may help you to argue less. Talk to your partner about your goals within the home. Would you appreciate an organized garage? Would you like to be able to convert a spare bedroom into an office or space for a hobby? Setting goals and establishing a plan can help you get started.

Having an organized home can be a great first step in structuring your life. When your home is organized, you may feel like you have more energy to devote to things other than cleaning and you can set more goals for yourself. Cleaning your physical space can also help you get rid of mental clutter, which can  help you be a better partner.

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