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Gaining Support To Deal with Infertility

When a couple experiences infertility, a variety of emotions and problems can result. Sadly, many couples fail to maintain intimacy during this time.  They may feel isolated as they try to deal with this painful and personal matter. Seeking support is very important when dealing with infertility. Infertility causes a lot of stress. Sadly, many couples aren’t comfortable […]

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What’s Your Attitude About Therapy?

Many people don’t ever seek counseling. Even people who are referred to therapy by a doctor often refuse to seek services. Unfortunately, many individuals and couples don’t get the help they need due to their attitudes about therapy. It’s important to look at your underlying concerns about therapy if you are hesitant to seek help. […]

My Partner Refuses To Attend Couples Counseling

If you want couples counseling but your spouse refuses, what should you do? You have a few options in how you respond. Your response to your partner’s refusal can have a big impact on the relationship.It is important to carefully consider your options. If you have been discussing couples counseling, clearly you must want some […]

Dealing With Feelings Before You Grow Resentful

Resentment doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it grows slowly over time. Resentment becomes a serious barrier to a happy, loving marriage. It is important to deal with difficult feelings as they arise so that resentment does not build. When people experience unpleasant feelings, there are a variety of ways to deal with them. One method is […]

How to Get the Most Out of Marriage Counseling

There are some tips and strategies that can help you maximize the benefits you will receive from marriage counseling. If you and your spouse have agreed to go to counseling together, it is important to have realistic expectations of counseling and a clear idea on how to benefit from treatment. Think about what you are willing […]

The Green-Eyed Devil of Jealousy and Its Companion, Betrayal

A new client raised the issue of betrayal. “I’ve been married for all these years and she has men friends and they go off like it’s on a date.  She says it’s all in my head.  What should I do?” What should we all do?  Here are some suggestions. The most important answer is that […]

Our Pasts, Our Decisions, and ADHD

You go visit your family or friends.  You all start talking about the past or the recent present.  Someone tells you new information about what happened regarding you.  It may be a fact or an insight into who they think you are.  All of a sudden you think you have to reevaluate everything.  You feel […]

What to Expect from Marriage Therapy

Despite the negative consequences of divorce, many couples don’t ever attempt marriage counseling prior to divorcing. Often, the fear about not knowing what to expect makes people shy away from attempting therapy. It can be helpful to know what to expect from therapy prior to scheduling an appointment. It is important to find a therapist […]

Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness: Best Program of 2011

There are many marriage counseling alternative self-help programs on the market these days, and I’ve been fortunate enough to review nearly all of them. The one I like the best so far is Mort Fertel’s “Marriage Fitness,” so I’ve decided to name it the “2011 Best Marriage Self Help Program.” One of the things I […]

Preparing for the First Marriage Counseling Session

If you and your partner have agreed to seek marriage counseling, congratulate yourselves on your willingness to try and make changes. There are some things that couples can do to prepare for their first marriage counseling session. Prior to the first session, both partners should spend some time working individually and, if possible, spend some […]

What Couples Want!

By Maria C. Ramos, MS, MFT Counselor Through my experiences in counseling couples, I have found that both males & females want exactly the same thing from their relationships. Both expect respect, acceptance, understanding, communication, reciprocated love, and time shared with their partner. I found this surprising because the overall perception is that sex would […]

Division of Labor with the Marriage

Sometimes people think that divorce is caused by major sources of conflict. In reality, it is usually smaller sources of conflict that are left unresolved and eventually they become big sources of conflict. Division of labor is one of those issues that can lead to big conflicts. Division of labor includes the day to day […]

Has Unemployment Affected Your Marriage?

Unemployment has a range of effects on people. Some take it in stride while others become seriously depressed. Unemployment also places a serious pressure on the finances of those affected. Add a spouse, children, credit card debt, and a mortgage to the mix and the end result can be a real strain on the marriage. […]

Untreated Depression In a Marriage

When one partner has depression, it can have a big impact on the marriage. People with depression tend to isolate themselves, have less energy, and can be more irritable and all of these can put a strain on the relationship. The other partner is sometimes left feeling confused, lonely, and overwhelmed. When one partner is […]

Counseling Can Help You Recover From A Traumatic Divorce

While much of our focus on this blog is on saving marriages, sometimes a marriage is just not salvageable. The end result is the divorce courts, and while most divorces can be worked out amicably, there are times when issues lead to quite a traumatic experience. This is particularly true when violence, alcohol, drugs and/or […]

How To Sell A Private Counseling Practice

Selling a private counseling practice can be almost as hard as setting up a private counseling practice from scratch. Often, the value in the practice is in the practitioner themselves, so the minute they walk out the door, so too does the business. This can make selling quite difficult. However, there are a number of […]

When Someone you Love is Depressed

Chances are we all know someone who has struggled with depression at some time in their life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, major depression affects about 6.7 % of the US adult population in a given year.  You may know someone who is struggling with depression, and this person could even be […]

How to Manage Differences in Spending Habits

It’s a common scenario seen in marriage counselor offices across the country: differences in spending habits. One partner saves and the other spends. Disagreements over money can cause stress, conflict, tension, and a negative home environment. Furthermore, in the United States, finances are also a major cause of divorce.  So how do you protect your […]

When Older Relatives Come To Stay

Sitcoms have made fun of these situations for years – yet for families, the effect of an older relative moving in can be a real test of marriage. Older relatives, normally one of your parents, often come to stay because they are having difficulties caring for themselves. The early days can be particularly stressful as […]