How To Survive The End Of A Marriages Honeymoon Period 

When most people get married they go on a honeymoon – supposedly to get to know one another. These days, couples often know each other very well. Many having lived together before the wedding. When we talk about a marriage’s “honeymoon period”, we are talking well beyond the actual honeymoon.

The ‘honeymoon period’ can last several months, or even several years. It is the period where you are both starry eyed, where it doesn’t matter if he leaves the seat up, or she hangs her smalls from every conceivable hook in the bathroom. There will come a time when that starry-eyed look will disappear – and suddenly, it does matter – and for some reason it now annoys you. The honeymoon period is now over.

For most couples, the honeymoon period is something that drifts away. For others, it can be sudden. Even couples whose honeymoon period has drifted off still wake up with the realization that things are now different – it often follows a period of conflict. So how do you survive the end of that honeymoon period? Many couples don’t. Reality sets in and suddenly the whole marriage becomes a mistake.

This is the maturing of a marriage and the process can be painful. Marriage counseling during this period can be a real help as it helps each partner to understand why some things in their relationship are changing, and how they can use these changes to make their marriage stronger. One area where many couples go wrong is in waiting for big problems to surface before seeking counseling. If you feel uncomfortable in your relationship, that is the time to seek help – don’t wait until it’s too late.

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